Fedrigo: high quality typographical and lytographical supplies

We have been selling typographical and lytographical supplies of our own production for almost 30 years such as wash-up blades, punching plates and gripper arms, together with other articles like cutting sticks for cutters, metallic staples, dinking dies for drilling machines, ribbons for perforation, cut and creasing, typographic numbering-machines, belts, pins, creasing channel, offset blankets and suckers.

The experience and the credibility we have acquired enable us to offer our customers a serious, professional and reliable service, together with best quality products which we propose on really interesting terms.

We sell our product throughout Italy and all over the world, especially in the Mediterranean area.

Besides our wide range of products, we are able to produce blades and plates on request in a really short time and effect shipments promptly. In fact, speed and accuracy could be regarded as the key words of our activity.

fedrigo forniture grafiche
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